Michigan Baja Racing

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About Us
The Michigan Baja Race team is a student-run competition team housed within the College of Engineering. Every year we design and manufacture an entirely new off-road race vehicle from the ground up. Team members work in the Wilson Student Team Project Center to machine parts, fabricate molds and assemble the new car. If all goes well, we use the remainder of the semester to test and tune the car for the upcoming competitions.
What is SAE Baja?
SAE Baja is a student competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Competition season comes towards the end of winter semester and Michigan Baja Racing travels around the country to race in up to three competitions annually. Each team competes with their new cars in a variety of dynamic events including an endurance race, maneuverabilty course, sled pull, hill climb, acceleration event, and more! Cars also compete in a variety of static events including design judging, sales presentation, cost report and others.


President Mark Schlissel and Dean Munson came to see one of our cars.

A Surprise Visit

We took third in sales, cost, and design, and first in endurance, acceleration and hill climb, which led to a first place overall finish in Oregon! We also took first in the Mike Schmidt Memorial Iron Team Award for combined points on the season.

The Results from Baja SAE Oregon

Here's a closer look at our hardware from this weekend. Trophies are core asphalt samples from the track. Thank you to the National Center for Asphalt Technology for hosting the event!

Our Trophies from Auburn

3rd in hill climb, 2nd in maneuverability, 1st in accel, 3rd overall dynamics, 1st in design, 3rd in endurance, and 1st overall -/- a very rewarding weekend for us in Auburn!

A Rewarding Weekend in Auburn

Want to Join?

We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who like to work hard and aren't afraid to get dirty. So if you have any interest in cars, designing things, big machines, sparks, or fun, please swing by the Wilson Center and join us!
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